Fall HoP

The new Hancock’s of Paducah catalog arrived last week with some glimpses of things to come in the fall. As Mel already pointed out, they make it look like they already have the fabrics, but then you try to order it online and everything says “out of stock.” But these are lines that aren’t even being released till September or October. Kinda frustrating that they don’t make that clear in the catalog or on their website, but not frustrating enough to stop me from sharing some of my favorites.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Aunt Grace reproductions, but there is some good stuff this time around — the “Aunt Grace Ties One On” line is introducing larger-scale prints:



The next is from Moda’s American Jane … it looks familiar


And this one is from In the Beginning’s “Aunt Sukey’s Choice” line:


Moda’s Urban Chicks has a new line, Blossom (pdf link). More birds. I think I’m through with birds. Birds and deer. Well, maybe not. Everything can be done well and done poorly.

Otherwise, everything is starting to look like cheap imitations of Amy Butler. Why imitate when there is a whole world of fabricky possibilities out there? Humph.

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