Books: Vintage Fabric From the States

Vintage Fabric From the States - Cover

This week I received this book from Giant Robot — I wish I could remember the blog on which I first heard about it so I could give proper credit. It’s a lovely little book with an English title on the cover but (sparse) Japanese text within. Not much text, though, can be found in its 200+ pages. There are hundreds of fabrics inside, grouped by sections such as “Dutch,” “Checks,” “Kitchen,” “Ribbon,” and “Kids.” I was slightly scandalized at first because I recognized some of the fabrics from my own collection as well as Hillary’s, as seen on our vintage fabric Flickr group. I mean, I thought they were lifted directly from our Flickr photos. But there are some additional stylized shots of the fabrics with cute vintage tchotzkes and Caucasian babies, so my conclusion was that whoever put the book together must have bought their stuff from the same eBay sellers as I did. Not as if I have any claim to these prints anyway!

Vintage Fabric From the States - Dots Page

It’s absolutely a book worth having if you’re a vintage fabric fan. I like it especially because there’s nothing showy or capital-D Designer in here — just everyday vintage prints grouped and catalogued in a simple, beautiful way.

Vintage Fabric From the States - Geometric Page

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